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Jean Baptiste Vuillaume Violin, 1845

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (1798-1875) Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, in addition to being a prolific and renowned maker of fine violins was also a successful dealer, connoisseur, and inventor. In Paris, he trained and employed some of the most renowned 19th-century violin makers and bowmakers, including Maucotel and Silvestre, Derazey and the Peccatte brothers. Vuillaume established the …

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Stella 32 Bass Accordion

Pre-owned Stella 32 Bass Accordion. Spares for repair. This compact, lightweight, and very light Chinese-built student model accordion will be a great instrument to learn to play once it is repaired. The accordion features a two-voice fixed tremolo tuning that is suitable for all styles of music and comes with a beautiful pearl red case. …

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The History of Concertina

Charles Wheatstone, a man from England, invented the concertina in 1829. McCann, Jeffries, Jeffries, and Lachenal were also great makers. The instrument and how it is played have not changed much over the past two hundred years. You may be able to find a Wheatstone or another vintage concertina, if you’re lucky. However, modern instruments …

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Best Hybrid Banjos

A few hybrid banjos combine the best of both an electric and traditional guitar. They have a profile similar to an electric guitar and are made from a solid piece of wood. The head is cut out and electronic pickups sense vibrations. These electric banjos can easily be used with a standard guitar amp and …