Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (1798-1875) Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, in addition to being a prolific and renowned maker of fine violins was also a successful dealer, connoisseur, and inventor. In Paris, he trained and employed some of the most renowned 19th-century violin makers and bowmakers, including Maucotel and Silvestre, Derazey and the Peccatte brothers. Vuillaume established the workshop in rue Croix des Petits Champs 1827. It moved to rue Demours-Ternes 1858. The workshop produced more than 3,000 instruments. They are all similar enough to be easily identified. Each instrument is identified by a number, number, and signature that identify them as Vuillaume examples.

Vuillaume was born in Mirecourt, a city that made violins. He moved to Paris in 1818, and apprenticed with Chanot. After this, he started his own workshop. Vuilaume soon gained skills as a copyist, especially of instruments by Stradivari e Guarneri “del Gesu”, which led to an early interest in violin trading. Vuillaume bought Luigi Tarisio’s inventory of 144 instruments in 1855. This included many of Stradivari‚Äôs finest works, including the 1716 ‘Messiah.

This Vuillaume example is his 1836 early work. Beautiful copy of a Guarner del Gesu from the late period. It has a rich, powerful, and warm sound that is typical of a Guarneri copy. This maple back features flames rising from the center-joint. Auguste Falisse (Brussel, 1925) certified. Wm. Lewis & Son 1975. Back Length: 35.5 cm.
Reuning and Sons will issue a new certificate for this violin.

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