Pre-owned Stella 32 Bass Accordion. Spares for repair. This compact, lightweight, and very light Chinese-built student model accordion will be a great instrument to learn to play once it is repaired. The accordion features a two-voice fixed tremolo tuning that is suitable for all styles of music and comes with a beautiful pearl red case. However, it does have a few problems that we don’t have time to fix. This Stella 32 Bass Accordion will be sold as-is with no warranty and at an extremely low price. If you are able to repair the accordion, this instrument would be ideal. For more information on the work required, please contact us.

The accordion cannot be guaranteed or implied and is sold as is. All prices include free delivery to the majority of the UK mainland.


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    Dustin Earl says:

    So far Accordion is one of the best musical instrument but this one is above and beyond.

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      Thank you Dustin. Keep visiting our blog for much more.

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