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eMedia My Violin Starter Pack 1/2 Size

The all-in-one eMedia My Violin Starter Pack is here. This pack includes everything you need to start playing the violin. It includes a high-quality violin, bow, carrying case, and rosin and cloth. It also includes a teacher, the award-winning eMedia My Violin CDROM (for Windows and Mac computers). The all-in-one eMedia My Violin Starter Pack …


Jean Baptiste Vuillaume Violin, 1845

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (1798-1875) Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, in addition to being a prolific and renowned maker of fine violins was also a successful dealer, connoisseur, and inventor. In Paris, he trained and employed some of the most renowned 19th-century violin makers and bowmakers, including Maucotel and Silvestre, Derazey and the Peccatte brothers. Vuillaume established the …

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Stella 32 Bass Accordion

Pre-owned Stella 32 Bass Accordion. Spares for repair. This compact, lightweight, and very light Chinese-built student model accordion will be a great instrument to learn to play once it is repaired. The accordion features a two-voice fixed tremolo tuning that is suitable for all styles of music and comes with a beautiful pearl red case. …

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Best Hybrid Banjos

A few hybrid banjos combine the best of both an electric and traditional guitar. They have a profile similar to an electric guitar and are made from a solid piece of wood. The head is cut out and electronic pickups sense vibrations. These electric banjos can easily be used with a standard guitar amp and …


Modern Banjo Types

You’ll find today 4-, 5-, and 6-string banjos. There are also less common options like the fretless and 12-string banjos. The modern 5-string Sweeney-designed banjo is still the most in-demand. Most banjos come in open-back or resonator-equipped options. Resonator banjos come with a plate attached to the body. This plate is also known as the …